Mind Control – An Invisible Chain That Controls Brain and Action

There are things that can be easily taken as true but are not. There are also things that are hard to believe to be true but are. Mind control, for which I will go into great length to discuss, is just such a thing that is hard to believe for many. Some may not even care to take time to understand, for there are so many lies around the world, there could be so much challenge to judge whether this thing is true it may simply be better off  to let go of this that seems really irrelevant to one’s life.

However, mind control technology is like a Pandora box, a sink of negative force that once it is open it can be harder to seal it back. Once the technology takes control of someone, one cannot even notice he/she is controlled. He is only a coy to the controller such that no decision is really his independent decision. Before going further, I can simply clarify what mind control is. I feel not a lot of people know or believe what I am saying so I will list some key publications/evidences that such a technology is there under development in variety of ways.

Mind control technology, to me, is a technology or method to non-destructively enter into your brain, through using long range force such as electromagnetic force, subsonic force, and/or other forces invisible to naked eyes, to get what you are thinking, what your memorized contents (IP, privacy matters) are, and to alter/control your thinking and/or action without your awareness. Mind controllers (perpetrators) can do this whenever you are awake or sleep, wherever you are in airport, at work or rest, and can make you asleep while you are awake, make you awake from sleeping. It can follow you 7/24.

Who am I? I am one victim of perpetrators who are developing/using mind control technology to abuse individuals.

Why I noticed mind control technology if I am controlled, and if being controlled one may not have a chance to be out-of-control? I believe the technology has not been made perfect yet. I am caught to be an experimental target for the technology development. I believe, after the technology becomes matured, there may not be many opportunities to be left to targets as what was left of me. It is therefore my duty to take the opportunity to tell the world what is coming.

As I read through literatures, there is an impression that the combination of enabling technologies has become quite affordable and can be packed in a suitcase, potentially allowing many evil minded people to target innocent civilians. Unfortunately, by doing nothing, those of value to society, with wealth, intellectual properties, or high political ranks, can be prey for handsome gains, although those of helpless ones may be the targets for developing the technologies. Without notice, the very fiber of human society, independence while collaborative mindset, will be replaced by full control of individual brains in the hands of few powerful perpetrators (the technology may be like a sink of negative force, the more it take juice out of individuals, the more powerful it is to target more)…

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