Brain Pick Technology

Brain-picker technology (BPT)

I rarely dream. However, lately I got the same dream for quite a few times, that a technology exists that can literally know what you think, what you are going to say, and also, can control what you think and so how you act.

The thing that makes things worse for me is that I even dreamt out methods bad guys created to make this happen.

Fortunately, by thinking it through when I was awake, it seemed like such a technology can actually be developed and patentable! All of a sudden I got excited, as this will put me in the same league as that of Mr. August Kekule, who dreamt out the benzene ring structure by dreaming a snake biting its tail!

Sounds interesting? so please read through to the bottom:

The dream

Once upon a night, I dreamt that a bad guy developed a technology to steal my ideas inside my head, and a big idea of mine was taken away and a man laughed while this happened.

Another night, my secret love affair was publicized and a lady laughed wildly seeing this happen. On the third dream, my trade secret was copied right from my brain (even felt some itchiness), and a child announced step by step what was happening in my mind, word by word, with sarcastic voice.

If this did not make me mad enough, I even felt the technology designer illustrated how this technology was developed…

Here they are, unbelievable –

General considerations in brain-picker technology development

  1. Secrecy: although much of the developmental works can be done using volunteers and animals, field tests had to be done in selected human targets. At the same time, constitutional and legal constrains would forbid these tests in human as many violations were obvious. Therefore human experimental targets (HET) may have to be selected carefully. For example, the HET had better be, easily isolated so that the chance of secrecy being leaked is minimized, struggling in society (prejudiced against), less resourceful, and/or easier to be labeled as “enemy”, “spy”, “too big”, “too small”, “problem”, or “animal-of-sort”, so that if there was any bad consequences they can always be contributed to the differences in race, appearance, or “freakiness” of the “HET”. As such, even when the HET becomes aware of the dealings being applied, he/she may choose not to do anything for the lack of effective tools, means, or ideas to confront or challenge.
  2. Deceit: Under the premise of secrecy, experimental designer may have to be deceitful from time to time to get access to potential HET and gain trust, e.g., pretending/hinting to be helping behind the scene when actually side agenda was being set up. While the designer “helps” a HET, data is secretly collected using a variety of different tactics, some of which are illustrated in Table 1 below. Due to these limitations, the test cycle can be very long, easily as long as years and even decades. A loop-hole in a legal document, such as a “Patriot Act”, may have to be in effect to provide an “escape” in order for a designer to pretend to be doing these experiments for the country, for “security” reasons, if the “HET” had to be a US citizen. As such, when a minority is targeted, the behavior of these testers/designers may be readily acceptable for quite a number of audience who happen to be around.
  3. Feasibility: Such an experiment was possible after several key technology advancements had been made, that zones in brain for different functions (cognition, lateralization, language) are well understood, and ways of external control/influence on brain are clear, e.g., through sound, ultrasound frequencies, or electomagnetic field (EMF), and that a computer with suitable program is functioning to orchestrate the instant two way communications between HET brain and external control center (to collect data from HET and send control/interference/impact signals to the HET). As it is generally perceived, different parts of brain memories are accessed through signals of different frequencies. Therefore, which specific segment of brain that corresponds to specific event pool being memorized by HET need to be identified. For the convenience of discussion, let’s call these different frequencies controlling points being linked to that specific event memory pool. At last but not the least, an effective locator, such as a pseudo-GPS, is developed to locate and lock the HET brain with the control center (CC) at any moment to enable full control through frequency synchronization.
  4. Complexity: To accomplish the experiment goal, all weather 7/24 coverage of the HET can be necessary at some point. At the initial stage, deceit to achieve confinement of the HET within the CC facility can be critical while no apparent loss of freedom is felt by HET. Plus, a significant amount of well controlled input of audible content, visual content, and brain activity pattern modulation are essential for an extended period of time to get the right frequencies for penetration of nerve system, therefore large sum of resources can be necessary for this project to be successful. Because of the requirements for secrecy and deceit, only fairly big entities can be capable of undertaking such tasks.
  5. Different phases of the experiment: At the initial stage, decode of brain activities should be the most important. Further, in language segment for example, which word corresponds to which specific frequencies need to be decoded. During this stage, it can be important to start with discovering what are the things that the HET thinks the most (most repetitive brain activity to obtain repetitive signal), for example, finding out what things the HET are mostly feared, concerned, happy about, etc, and then devote to induce/push/press/coerce the HET to repeat those brain activities, so that the first few critical decodes can be made successfully. Other signals would become significantly easier to be decoded once these first few decodes become successful. At the second stage, emphasis may be shifted to develop brain activity control tactics by the CC, so that methods can be developed for the HET brain to be controlled through applying various source signals. As such, HET activities can be controlled in large.
  6. Designing skills: With the above mentioned constraints, it is not easy to set up an experiment like this successfully. The designer may be well aware of the many format of force in society, whether it is marriage confliction, work competition, race inequality, or individual struggles, among others. The designer may have taken advantages of these many forms of force, or even promoted it to achieve the experimental goal, instead of trying to alleviate the problems. As such, the very purpose of developing this technology can be to control subjects, instead of reaching equal society. The designer may have screened HET candidates with these many formats of force in mind, and only selected those with significant vulnerabilities, and taking advantages of them. Consequently, even when these activities were felt by HET as being put in harm’s way, he/she may not be able to do anything because no convincing evidences can be collected (CC cannot be evidently identified, all impacts are mostly inside the head, such as slight headache, odd signal to the ears, and strange brain activities, which can all be easily interpreted by general pathological events), and part of the results can be even beneficial to HET (effective isolation may eliminate criminal attacks for example).
  7. Breaking Point

After some significant frequencies are identified, the designer will have to do some breakage to a few nerve fibers inside the HET head. This can be achieved by shooting a very strong dose of coherent sound wave toward inside the HET head. The work following that is simple, the designer can simply use this to access brain memories through these few broken nerve as the first few penetration control points.




Table 1. Variety of test scenarios

Test goals Method/environment Data collection
Uncover the most concerned events of a HET, and catch the brain activity signals thereof By making threat: using the commonly “accepted” bullying languages in society to attack the HET, such as hinting being isolated, not fit for work and could be fired, knowing the most privately kept secret or concerns of the HET and ready to distribute it, etc Upon applying pressure to HET constantly as input signal, the HET would naturally think the same thing repeatedly and therefore generates identical/similar output signals. These can help decode output signals corresponding to the inputs
Language decode A number of people make similar abusive, aggressive statements constantly, to force HET to reply or think the same things repeatedly The signals collected from brain activities from the HET, and/or the oral reply together with signals from the brain activities, can be critical data in decoding the language source code in brain activities
Interaction and control of HET language Apply selected source signals being collected from HET brain activity back to HET, together with the help of aggressive languages/audio signals, and collect brain activity data Collected brain activity data and language replies from HET are all crucial output signals in decoding and control
Visual decode Monitoring/controlling the contents HET are viewing (by knowing what HET is reading or watching in TV screen etc) Collected brain activity data and language replies from HET are all crucial output signals in decoding and control
Interaction and control of HET visual part Ibid
Thorough recognition of brain activities After more and more successful decodes, realization of all HET brain activities becomes possible at some point. Consequently, control/modulation for part of the brain activity can be possible through source code intervention.
Automatic location of HET Note 1 below
Big data collection to achieve ergodic process Find ways to let the HET to experience different environments, such as being in a conference, and collect data Expansion of data collection inclusive of as variety of scenarios as possible.
Repeat and control See note 2 below
Exploration of brain activity control methods HET has different state in life, namely, sleep, half-sleep, awake. Tests being made in different states reveals different brain activity patterns. Investigation of half-sleep brain activities can reveal the bridge between dream and factual thinking. Brain activities in dream state can provide critical data for brain control, because mostly dreams are not true, fabricated “facts”, and brain control may mean to force the HET brain to do “fabricated factual” things
Verify if the tests are not pure “drama” or delusion Apparently, to accomplish the tests, pressure to the HET in various forms are unavoidable (repetitive aggressive languages, interruptions to sleep, the audible sound, bird singing when no bird is around, and timely mind interception and confirmation). Although the HET can feel it, the HET alone cannot easily prove it.
Struggling of HET It is expected that over experiencing variety of unusual pressures and events to the brain lead to psychological and physical changes of HET Self description by HET alone is hard to be treated as any evidence: these things are hard to believe by a normal person, and most phenomenon being discussed can be interpreted as due to other more “normally perceptible” causes, such as the HET had brain disorder, or the like
Coupling of most lethal source code (language or image) onto other common source code; pull words from tone (HET felt words were forced out of tone, even the brain did not think of it, and the mouth did not say it); aggressiveness in applying emf increasing field strength as well as the number of times in a day; aggressiveness in applying sound/ultrasound signal (adding pressure and pitching sounds to the ears as well as the number of times; Block ears with earplugs on HET help, indicating it is external source, not pure psychological effect; applying conductive materials, such as aluminum foil or stainless steel container over the head helps reduce the extent and delay of headache (though it still arrives later, probably more external forces being applied, as even the armhair and skin can feel the unusual environment),
Coordinated forces (emf, audible, and visible codes) After control, seduce the HET into doing different things as a way to exhaust his options, so that at the final stage the CC can launch the final attack to HET without the HET being able to escape. Each time earplugs or conductive materials are added, different levels and types of emf, pitching sound, and audible source are felt to induce the same brain activities. At this time, the CC can freely generate audible and visible effects without actually applying speaker or visible objects.
Certain HET actions to stop/resist Force HET to create a stop sign inside of his/her brain helps (an image HET can repeat every time); Force HET to change the alter cerebral cortex activities may help. After heavy doses of “treatment”, HET gets dizzy when looks at different pure colors, each color a unique way of dizziness, likely an act of forcing the HET brain to remember/define color with CC, or defect of software program. At worst times, heavy headaches may happen, leading the HET to seek Tylenol.In return, the CC can create this dizziness any time to HET, as a way of implying control, or even threat.
Change the way HET views world Make HET to gradually and selectively memorize or forget certain things, by applying stronger and stronger source signals (if HET is a peaceful person, trying ways to annoy HET to lose control, collecting the source signal, and then applying the collected signal back to HET, will make the HET lose control on events) The designer can link/couple events with modes through CC control. For example, the CC can couple love feeling or hatred with the word Russia.
Total Control of HET Per successful manipulation, a designer can influence HET’s visual contents by providing images to the HET brain through the controlling computer, influence the HET’s audible contents by providing sound codes to the HET brain through the controlling computer, and influence the HET’s actions. The connection of HET to the real world can essentially be blocked through the use of the controlling computer in providing fake/edited codes. The HET can be confused greatly.
Imaginable Extreme Consequences of HET Per total control of HET, problems in CC computer may lead to unexpected consequences of HET;If the HET disobeys CC order, variety of disciplinary actions from CC can be selected, including entering different high-way sign-posts in the HET brain, entering different driving sounds/images that would indicate a vehicle at different scenario than the actual situation, entering controlling action signal to HET brain to induce brake/acceleration, or manipulating the nerve pattern of HET so that his/her life has to be dependent on the CC.

Note 1: Before decoding is made, it is essential to reduce the HET into the vicinity of the CC facility. After successful decodes and HET characteristic frequencies being discovered (applying ultrasound or other EMF signal may possibly stimulate the brain to generate frequencies or known characteristic signals unique to the HET), it is possible to develop a reliable stimulator (for example, induce the HET to an environment where birds or cars are often found to obtain known signal; whenever there is a bird, the HET will generate the known signal) so that a known signal can be used to locate the HET, using certain pseudo-GPS system. Once the HET is located, more data can be collected, and control methods can be developed any time.

Note 2: Find ways to repeat the decoded signals so as to evaluate the correctness of decoding, and check effectiveness of brain control. For example, if one decoded data chain is believed to be corresponding to ski, the designer can induce the HET to repeat experiencing the ski scene. The same data chain being collected can confirm the one-to-one correspondence of the decoding. Subsequently, applying the source code of ski event to the HET, e.g., through applying cloned EMF, output data revealing ski should be obtained.


These were also dreamt:

if such a BPT becomes true, it can be used to alter brain activities, therefore can be useful to some patients with brain diseases.

If such a BPT becomes true and matured, it can be possible that a normal human can be influenced in the thinking process without being aware that the process is controlled. Selective loss of memory (as seen in the movie men in black) can be possible.

If such a BPT is possible, all what HET had in the brain (knowledge, privacy, affairs, personal connections, company secrets) can be copied away to the computer.

If such a BPT is there and one becomes the HET, there is a chance that whatever the HET is thinking, it is known to the computer, maybe for the whole life. Even if he/she wants a lawyer, he/she may not win as whatever is in his mind was in the CC’s mind at the same time, despite the fact that no compelling evidence can be collected.

The key to solve the puzzle is to get the cover open – find whatever way possible to spread the story, provide people with relevant interdisciplinary knowledge to take a look, and let the public have a chance to discuss this matter. If this is not true, the author may simply have had bad dreams, and the dreams become laughing matters. If this is true, though, a public debate and proper legislation can be necessary to put the thing into a proper box.

The strongest desire/hope, however, is that all the terrible treatments to HET being made in the dream section above are groundless, or for good reason.

Upon being awake, though, the following benefits are realized

Feasibility – upon checking some public domain literature and websites, some of them being listed here, it is felt that such a BPT can be quite feasibly developed, albeit not without significant efforts. This can be even patentable.

If we patent BPT, this will prevent some bad guys from developing it. Once such a technology is developed, it can be used to cure patients of many kinds.


How BPT is possible

One of the key questions in believing BPT is that most people in society cannot see BPT is possible, either because it sounds too awful to be true, or because one cannot see one’s brain activities can be revealed/stolen without being spoken out.

To indicate BPT can be possible, one only needs to admit that it is not magic to stimulate brain activities. As a simple example, when we watch exotic movies, we feel hot even though we did not do it ourselves – we simply saw the picture, heard an exotic sound, or got an imagination. Along this line, someone only needs to send a related acoustic signal into your brain to stimulate your thinking of relevant events. The key is that there should be a technology that can send acoustic signal to penetrate your brain without your knowledge.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you like, there is a technique called Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) that is readily available to serve this purpose. Some people would immediately recall that EMAT is a Nondestructive test method that send acoustic signal inside metal pipelines remotely to test defects without destroying the object. Proper configuration of EMAT can generate variety sound patterns. Someone can broadcast these signals remotely and send them inside your brain that can stimulation your brain activities. For instance, one can influence your thinking process by broadcasting certain acoustic wave that will induce the preferred outcome. There are a lot of EMAT literature on generating acoustic signals remotely.

Another key question to answer is how is it possible to get the brain activity. This may have to be a whole new topic to discuss. Somehow, I got a hearsay from travelling overseas that the left ear can be “conditioned” do send and receive radiofrequency signals, and the right ear can be “conditioned” to handle audible sounds. The person being conditioned like this will have his/her brain activities being broadcasted immediately to the outside world and this person would have a heck of different experiences of the world.


How HET minimizes sufferings

1). Manipulating the brain cells or nerves essentially rearrange the charges, therefore making the head warm may accelerate charge migration and therefore ease many of the sufferings that HET experience.

2). Acoustic wave manipulation of variety of frequencies through ear penetration is key to this technology. Therefore by using earplugs help. Further, by using a heated earplug should best serve the purpose.

3). Mask – a mask that covers the whole head space with heating mechanism and earplug that absorbs sounds of wide spectrum should be the best.


Your comment or addition to this matter would be really appreciated. Equally important, your help to distribute this letter to the ones you trust and intelligible can boost the openness of this matter (with luck, it may get to some hands and heads that can fathom). However, please be sure to only distribute to those you understand, so that we can prevent this letter from becoming a societal hazard.

To be continued

You are warned. If you feel scared, please put yourself into thinking that you just watched a terrifying Matrix 2 movie.

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